Labour productivity performance in the long run. Notes: The following countries and regions are presented in the figure: United States (USA); Australia (AUS); Canada (CAN); the United Kingdom (GBR); Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands (Eur5), Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden (Nord); France (FRA); Italy (ITA); 17 countries of Latin America (LA), including Argentina, Brazil, Chili, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela; Germany (DEU); Greece, Spain, Portugal (SthEur); Japan (JPN), South Korea (KOR); Russia (RUS); the Czech Republic (CZE); Poland (POL); Hungary (HUM); Bulgaria (BGR); Albania (ALB) and Romania (ROU). GDP is measured in 1990 US$, converted at Geary Khamis PPPs. Source: The Conference Board Total Economy Database™, May 2015.

  Part of: Voskoboynikov I (2017) Sources of long run economic growth in Russia before and after the global financial crisis. Russian Journal of Economics 3(4): 348-365.