Dynamics of violent pressure on business in Russia. Note: Victims—the number of killed or injured businessmen in Russia per year as documented by media sources (Belokurova, 2014); Raids—number of companies attacked by corporate raiders per year in Russia as documented by media sources (Rochlitz, 2014); Cases —the number of property related crimes per year in Russia from official police statistics. To present all three curves on a single graph, the numbers of raids have been multiplied by 10, and property-related crimes documented by police have been divided by 100.

  Part of: Baranov A, Malkov E, Polishchuk L, Rochlitz M, Syunyaev G (2015) How (not) to measure Russian regional institutions. Russian Journal of Economics 1(2): 154-181. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ruje.2015.11.005